Company Profile
(As of November, 2022)

Company name Workshift Solutions Co., Ltd.
President & CEO  
Shigenori Araki
Capital Y 51,560,000
Founded September 10, 2013
Business Profile We offer a crowdsourcing service where you can easily outsource jobs to the world online. We support overseas projects such as market research, translation in multiple languages, design, and local blog entries amongst others. experts from over countries around the world will promptly assist with your international needs.
Philosophy Change how we work and make the world smaller

Message from the CEO

The evolution of IT and the establishment of communication infrastructures that began in the 1990s revolutionized our lives.

The walls of location and language were diminished, and we gained the ability to instantaneously obtain all sorts of information from around the world.

In this global age, the way we work is undergoing a great change as well (a process called “workshift”).

With the evolution in IT, there are many more opportunities to demonstrate and utilize your skills and expertise to all kinds of people around the world regardless of where you live and how much time you have on your hands. On the cusp of this grand transformation, we established Workshift Solutions.

We promise to uphold the following five promises in our operations so as to allow individuals a fuller lifestyle and to allow business to be more globally active.

  • To establish new ways of working that are not limited by time or location.
  • To provide a space where skilled individuals can capitalize on their abilities.
  • To provide and set up an environment where human talent can be utilized with peace of mind.
  • To utilize the superior knowledge and experience that has supported the growth of world.
  • To construct transparent remuneration and evaluation systems.

”Change how we work and make the world smaller.” At Workshift Solutions, we keep this motto in mind as we challenge a new age.

代表取締役社長兼CEO 荒木成則
Workshift Solutions Co., Ltd.
Shigenori Araki

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Ikebukuro Station, east exit