Hello, my name is Shigenori Araki.
Workshift is a crowdsourcing company, a service that is currently rapidly growing in Japan.
Workshift has a strong overseas presence, and we have the largest number of registered Asian users as well as the most “likes” on Facebook amongst other crowdsourcing firms in Japan.
Workshift was founded to resolve the various problems that Japan is currently facing (lack of young workers, response to globalization, etc.), through the use of the internet.
. We hope to create a new business model where time, place, and language barriers don’t affect the workforce.
We’re looking for people who want to join us to “change the way we work and make the world smaller.”

Are you the right fit for Workshift?

We’re looking for ambitious people who want to expand the global internet business in Japan, believe in the potential of crowdsourcing, and want to change Japan.
It is extremely important to understand the significance of teamwork along with individual work, and have excellent communication skills to interact with co-workers and customers.
Care about those around you? Not afraid of challenges?
Workshift is waiting for you.

Job Opportunities

Web Application Engineer
Web Designer
Business, Planning, Web Marketer
Management Staff

For further information, please feel free to contact us.