• 荒木成則
    Shigenori Araki
    Shigenori Araki joined a general trading company after graduating from Waseda University.
    After working primarily in a devision related imports and exports with India and China, he obtained an MBA from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA.
    Starting in 1996, as a member of the private banking business start-up team at Goldman Sachs Securities, he cultivated businesses targeted at the affluent market.
    Since then, he has worked in various positions including vice president at Merrill Lynch and director at Alliance Bernstein, and Japan branch manager at Janus Capital International.
    Part-time lecturer of Graduate School of Finance, Accounting & Law at Waseda University.
    Vice-Secretary of the Waseda University Finance Alumni Society.
  • Alan Acosta
    Alan Acosta
    Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Overseas Business Division
    Graduated from University of the Pacific and joined the Research Department of Baring Securities (Japan) in 1986 as an equity research analyst.
    In 1993 transferred to the Buenos Aires branch of Baring Securities. In 1995 joined Nomura Securities in Tokyo as a member of the Research Department and later transferred to the Client Relations Management Department. In 2008 completed the MBA program at the University of Chicago.
  • 田下栄
    Sakae Tashimo
    Co-CTO & Managing Director, System Development Division
    Having dealt with software development since the dawning of the internet era, Sakae Tashimo has vast knowledge and hands-on experience from developing client server systems to web applications. He has worked in the development of game applications for feature phones and subsequently developed applications for social games, novel games, and well-known, large-scale MMORPG on smartphones. Prior to joining Workshift, Sakae was the CTO of a business corporation.
  • 浅枝篤史
    Atsushi Asaeda
    Chief of Planning and Sales Division
    Prior to joining Workshift, Atsushi Asaeda graduated with a masters degree in Social Sciences from the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University in March 2018. His thesis was based on the interviews with the victims of atomic bombs in Hiroshima who had suffered hardships at their younger age. After completing three months of internship, he subsequently became a full member of staff at Workshift in May 2018.


  • 川田憲治
    Kenji Kawada
    Workshift Adviser
    After graduating from Waseda University he joined Saitama Bank, and in 1999 became an executive officer at Asahi Bank. In 2003 he became president of Resona Holdings and in 2006 president of Saitama Resona Bank, all the while leading the firm through the "Resona Reorganization" project. Subsequently, he moved to the Resona Research Institute as Chairman. He is currently Standing Director at the Fujitsu Research Institute.


Our interns’ current enrollment:

Tokyo University Department of Science and Engineering, Waseda University Department of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University Department of Education, Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Industrial engineering and Management, Tokyo University of Science Department of Chemical Science and Technology, Sophia University Department of Science and Technology

Internship Experience:

Instead of having a set list of responsibilities, we deal with different tasks every day. As a result, I am able to ameliorate my personal and professional skills with an open mind and learn how fun work can be. In addition, the staff are very kind and they give constructive feedback, so I believe this is a great environment for students who are about to enter the “real world.”

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